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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarkatuhu!

Dear brothers and sisters of Islaam. Welcome to the webpage of "silsila-e-aamiria". Which will give you a clear picture about the Sufisim of Islam and Talimat-e-Tasawuf(Teachings of Tasawuf).

"A Few Words About Sufism"(Tasawwuf)

Without doubt this worldly life is a serious, swiftly passing and difficult test. Here our most important and lofty purpose is to gain the love and approval of our Lord "Allah" who created and sustains us, who will call us all to account on Judgement Day and who will reward or punish us for our deeds.

The only road for attaining the approval of Almighty
Allah is the last and truest religion, Islam. The other roads and religions are either wrong, false or corrupted or else their time has passed and they have lost their validity. Anyone who wishes to find serenity in this world and the afterlife absolutely must pass his life fulfilling Islam's commands and refraining from its prohibitions. The state of unbelievers in both worlds is miserable and their end is destruction. Only believers will find joy. The person most obedient to Almighty Allah and the Muslim who follows his religious ordinances most strictly will be the most beloved and esteemed servant on Doomsday. The Islamic religion has a very beautiful and advantageous structure. Its principles have a very wide and deep meaning. Islam keeps one's body healthy, nourishes his soul, and fills his heart with peace and light. It gives order to ones worldly business and insures happiness in the next world. It protects the individual, saves the family and strengthens the community and government. Islam protects the weak and restrains the bully; it gives everyone their rights and makes them aware of their duties. It protects woman and elevates man; it makes the poor smile and directs the rich toward charitable acts; it makes the worker happy and the employer sensitive to others.

What a faultless, complete, wonderful and glorious order is Islam! Islam is a cure for every age, especially this sick modern age. It is the solution to all physical and spiritual, individual and social problems. It is nourishment for the mind and pleasure to the heart. Islam is the bright morning after the dark night and the elixir of eternal life.

But also there is a very important and attractive branch of Islamic knowledge called Sufism [Tasawwuf]. Without it would be almost impossible for today's man and perhaps humans in every age to fully feel his faith and to comprehend the essence of Islam, its internal dynamics, spirit, contents, subtleties and secrets.

Because Sufism is the ethics of the Qur'an, the spiritual state of the Messenger and the refined manners of the Shari'ah. Sufism is not selfishness, but altruism, kindness, affection, and service. It is not nonsense and idle talk but rather sincerity and wisdom. It produces purity in the heart, high knowledge and good works. It is not illusion but a beautiful state -- a rose instead of a rock, an antidote to poison, light of our eyes, fortification of our hearts.

Sufism can make a crazed person a saint and a raging person calm. It can warm and soften a hardened heart, make a merciless person compassionate and make a stone heart cry. It elevates the confused and heedless from oppression to enlightenment and the lost to safety. Sufism educates the ignorant making them a treasury of spiritual knowledge; it waters the wasteland from streams of divine knowledge and makes it green. It makes a shepherd a sultan, shallow knowledge an ocean. Sufism makes a person beneficial and desirable to the people and beloved by Almghty Allah. Sufism gives spiritual light to man who was created from earth; it makes him celestial, worthy of being in Allah's presence and favor.

With Sufism a hay loft becomes a place for a pleasure excursion, a narrow space a great square. Heedlessness and blindness disappear; inner vision occurs. Hearts that have been ruined by love of this world are rebuilt with the love of Almighty Allah. Spiritual oppression fades away and man becomes pure light internally and externally. This worn-out world which is a prison for believers becomes a rose garden.

Sufism is the essence and true meaning of our religion. It is the road and method for obtaining our real goal of becoming Perfected Man. In short, Sufism is the divine road and key to real happiness (as it is in all ages), sought day and night and in the wrong place by today's man who is full of stress, nervous, tense, depressed, in doubt, in a hurry, full of problems, sick and miserable.

In view of this, you should approach this serious and vital subject, enter this enlightened and divine path and discover happiness in both worlds.

May Almighty Allah allow you to attain to real worldly and otherworldly holidays (with your loved ones) and may you be honored with heaven and divine beauty!


The department of the Shari'at relating to A'maal-e Baatini (esoteric acts or states of the heart) is called Tasawwuf and Sulook; and, the department of the Shari'at relating to A'maal-e Zaahiri (exoteric acts or physical acts) is called Fiqh. The subject matter dealt with by Tasawwuf is Tahzeeb-e Akhlaaq or the adornment of character while the motive of this branch of the Shari'at is the attainment of Divine Pleasure. The method of acquisition of this Divine Pleasure is total obedience to the commands of the Shari'at.

Tasawwuf in fact is the rooh (soul) and state of perfection of the Deen. Its function is to purify the Baatin (the heart) of man from the lowly bestial attributes of lust, calamities of the tongue, anger, malice, jealousy, love of the world, love for fame, niggardliness, greed, ostentation, vanity, deception, etc. At the same time it (Tasawwuf) aims at the adornment of the heart with the lofty attributes of repentance, perseverance, gratefulness, fear of Allah, hope, abstention, Tauheed, trust, love sincerity, truth, meditation, reckoning, contemplation, etc. In this way, attention towards Allah Ta'ala is inculcated in man. This is in fact the purpose of life. Tasawwuf or Tareeqat is therefore not at all negatory of the Deen and Shari'at. On the contrary it is incumbent for every Muslim to become a Sufi (one who follows the path of Tasawwuf). Minus Tasawwuf, a Muslim cannot truly be described as a perfect Muslim.


Now that it is clear that Tasawwuf is not contrary to the Deen, but is in fact a branch of the Shariat, its need is evident.Many great scholors(Rahmatullah Alayh) states about The Haqeeqat-e-Tareeqat:

"After rectification of beliefs and external acts it is Fardh (compulsory) upon every Muslim to rectify his esoteric acts. Numerous Qur'aanic Aayat and innumerable Ahadeeth narration explicitly.


In appearance,he seems to need being served;
Innerly,thouhg,he pays himmat to those who deserved.

It will sure be misleading to judge by appearance;
Recieving the himmat requires seeing the essence.

Haqq ta'ala has His beloved ones concealed;
Their inner with appearance He covered.

Their appearance is the shari'at's mirror;
As will not be in anything,be itself pleasure.

The lover will get from afflictions such pleasure
As will not be in anything,be itself pleasure.

People unaware will not believe this;yet,
In Qur'an Haqq ta'ala says so by aayat.

If a person attends a Wali's luminous sohbat,
His heart will open,nurs will his inner illuminate.

Desires of the nafs will no more titilate him;
Secrets of this way will at once open before him.

Adhere to the Shari'at,then search for a Murshid!
Cannot find one?Then love is enough if you are candid!

Those who have attained these two blessings,
Will reeive fays from the heart of Murshid's.

Haloes gushing out from the Messenger's heart,
Will flow into them due to loving regard.

Abd-ul-hakim Arwasi was a Wali;
His words and manners was its testimony.

From Sayyid Fahim he took over caliphate;
In his every behaviour was seen karamat.

Do not think that the Murshid is hard to recognize!
His behaviour will always be Shari'at-wise!

If a person is without the Sharia'at in deeds and statements,
Quick,run away from him, whatever stories he invents!

Shari'at prescribes how deeds are to be done;
Shari'at and Imaan make up Islam;the rest,none.

Imaan means to believe,Shari'at means Practices;
Being Muslim requires these two Performances.

Believers have parted into groups,seventy-three;
Ahl as-sunna is the single right group,blame-free!